My Forex Trading Strategy

A year ago I ventured into the Forex market where I tried and tested many different types of trading methods. Most of these methods were unsuccessful, with few of them achieving some success. From my experience, traders who make profits in the forex market will never reveal their trading system, simply because you have to lose someone so that you can make a profit.

Currently I am using two Aria APP trading strategies and they work well with me. I started using a demo account less than a year ago and I tested with it the usual trading methods in fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Technical analysis seems to be easier for a trader who does not have enough experience, so he only needs to look at the chart rather than follow the news. Some technical indicators such as MACD, Vipo Nachi and RSI have been used to evaluate the market and predict price action. I do not need to say that I was successful working with the demo account but when I started trading on the real account, the fear factor overlapped my trades and I could not succeed in trading despite using the same methods that I spent about four months developing on the demo account.

I felt growing pressure on me as it did for many. I started looking for forex recommendation providers to reduce stress and also time spent analyzing. After taking great care in testing a number of forex recommendation providers I was able to find a package for a forex trading program that I could trust as it provided excellent trading signals. Indeed, I was surprised by the success of the recommendations I got from this provider. The only difficult thing I have encountered is how to achieve self-discipline by implementing all the recommendations made by the program whether approved or not. In the end, the company she chose had a record of success for three consecutive years.

Now that I have earned a good income through regularity with the recommendation provider I mentioned I decided to open a second trading account I am trying to reuse my trading system. At this stage I only discovered how successful this system was when it came to achieving 30 to 50 points quickly in the Forex market.

Delta APP

Delta APP Results

I have been trading in this market for more than a year and I noticed that the market is moving mainly on speculation. These speculations are based on fear and economic news such as CPI and retail sales. I noticed that between 4:30 am and 8:30 am, important data is often released in major economies such as the eurozone or in major currencies such as the euro and the British pound. The market is moving immediately after the release of these major economic news. Which, for example, at 4:30 am and was related, for example, to the pound sterling, the market is usually moving at the time of the news between 30 and 50. Up or down. What I started doing was doing business based on these economic news. Where I waited for the news to be released and then I enter the trading deal when the price moves seven points from its current level and 15 seconds before the news. The stop loss level should be placed at 10 pips above or below the current price.

The idea of ​​using Delta APP method is to choose the right time to enter and to commit yourself to discipline in determining a very narrow stop loss where it should not exceed ten points in any transaction you enter. This may be the reason for the success of this strategy in all cases but if you enter too early or too late you will fail to predict the direction of the market. However, when you execute this strategy accurately, you will find that your winning trades will outweigh the losing trades because you will earn between 30 and 50 points while losing 10 points only if you are unhappy. I have been using this method for five months and still work with me with all success.

Making Forex Day Trading Successful

If you are serious about daily Forex trading, where trading positions are usually held open for a day, then you need to allocate a portion of your time daily to do so. Many day traders may try to balance their usual job, where they know full time with Forex trading, but some of them may fail to reconcile these things. However, this reconciliation can be accessed if you plan it properly and commit to the necessary time to trade and also tried to keep you updated on the latest Forex news and offers.

Schedule your time

Just like anything else you might be serious about, you will need to devote several hours to the daily forex trading. If you work for example from 9 am to 5 pm you can trade Forex daily from 7 pm to 10 pm because the Forex market operates 24 hours a day and six days a week. You can even trade on Sundays where you are full of your original work. The other day will give you the opportunity to study the latest trends in the Forex market.

Internet resources

Forex trading on the Internet offers a range of the best options that are comprehensive and smooth. Many sites display the latest Forex news through daily electronic newspapers, which will enable you to stay informed of the latest events in the market. You can read some news topics such as the expectations of cutting interest rates in Europe or the weakness of a country’s currency due to its political circumstances. Epix Trader Scam is not just about daily news articles but also about basic and technical alerts. These alerts can be received around the clock and may have five or six alerts a day, so these alerts will enable you to learn about the latest developments before you start trading. Forex trading systems on the Internet can send all important alerts through e-mail or even mobile phone and thus will reach this information to your fingertips, regardless of where you will be. You will not have to wait until you go home and open your trading account to get the latest news. These features will give you a real ability to see everything that is going on in the market and thus enable you to make daily trading decisions faster.

One of the other sources that will help you make your daily trading more successful is the online Forex forums. These seminars will help you expand your overall knowledge base and give you the opportunity to learn an invaluable trading strategy that can be used in your Forex investment.

Epix Trader

Epix Trader

The 7 Undeniable Rules of Forex Trading

Before I talk about the seven rules of Forex trading adopted by a number of full-time traders who have achieved great success in this area, I would like to tell this story.

There was a lion, a donkey and a fox who were always keen to go to the forest together to hunt rabbits. After a successful fishing day, the three of them sat on a pile of rabbits and the lion’s face spoke to the ass saying, “Mr. Donkey, please divide the rabbit heap into equal shares between the three of us?” The donkey counted the rabbits and divided them into three equal pits for each of them. The lion jumped immediately and ran out of his ass to kill him. Then he collected all the rabbits and threw them on the donkey’s head. Then the fox was asked, “Mr. Fox, please divide these rabbits among us?” The fox took one rabbit out of the heap as his stake and then said, “Sir Assad, this is your share,” referring to the large heap of rabbits. Assad said, “Mr. Fox, where did you learn how to divide this just way?” The fox said to him, “The donkey taught me.”

The lesson of Epix Trader Scam story is to learn from the mistakes of others. Now we can proceed with the seven rules that will benefit you as mentioned above because they are the product of the experience of a number of successful traders.

Rule # 1 Never risk more than you can afford to lose, because you will lose money as all traders do, so make sure you do not suffer another important thing when this happens.

Rule # 2 Never risk more than 2% of your trading account in a single transaction. For small account holders, 2% of $ 300 will be up to $ 6 and you will actually need at least $ 15 to trade so you can raise it to 5%. But once your account has increased enough, make sure you return it to 2%.

Rule # 3 Always use the Stop Loss command. If you have not specified where to place a stop loss order and limit orders before you start the trade, Epix Trader Scam is better for you not to trade from the original.

Rule # 4 Be aware of the exit point before you enter the deal.

Rule # 5 Experiment Trading First: You should be successful with paper trading first so make sure there are no obstacles on your way before you open a real account.

Rule # 6 Take a break when your balance drops dramatically.

Rule # 7 Do not let your feelings and emotions dominate you: stay alert and calm and able to group your thoughts. Patience and pure mind are the winners of the game

Managing The Forex Accounts For You

Managed Forex accounts can be considered a great opportunity for people who do not have enough time to be able to deal in currency trading. Monaco Treasure Review is also useful for those who do not have experience dealing in foreign exchange markets. For this reason, there are professionals in the market who deal with managing Forex accounts. Managing Forex accounts is very serious as well as being a competitive first-rate business. Many investors prefer to allocate part of their money to managed Forex accounts by professionals. This will help them diversify risks and also absorb the losses that may result from their other portfolios in the stock and bond markets. Since Forex transactions are separate from those in stock markets, profits and losses are also separate.

So such custom accounts have made Forex a way to enrich the investor’s portfolio very well. Professionally managed Forex accounts must have the following, regardless of the Forex Trading Manager or the type of account you choose.

Monaco Treasure

Monaco Treasure

Forex trading account should not be linked to stock market operations

A managed Forex account should generate a better return on Treasury bond yields and other market instruments

Professional experience is essential. The company must have a good reputation in the market and have experienced professionals in dealing with Forex trading accounts. Most foreign banks and international companies employ the best experts in this field. It is not necessary for a forex account manager to have a degree from Harvard University but in most cases he must have received good and sufficient training.

Companies that manage Forex accounts professionally should have the ability to use leverage to maximize profits.

The Forex account manager must be able to make profits in all market situations, whether bullish or bearish.

The company should also provide weekly or monthly performance reports to clarify its forex transactions, as well as provide immediate transaction reports if the investor needs them.

Forex trading accounts should be liquid in nature. Where they should provide ease of withdrawal of funds by investors at certain times and in emergencies as well.

Depending on the company you choose, you will find many types of currency Monaco Treasure Review Trading accounts you can invest in. These accounts may be named by many names such as global Forex Accounts or adventurous Forex accounts and perhaps high value Forex accounts and so on.

For example, global forex accounts may deal in many foreign currencies, many of which may be non-liquid currencies such as the Russian ruble or the Indian rupiah. Other types of accounts, such as Forex, may deal in the most liquid currencies such as the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, the Canadian Dollar and the Australian Dollar.

Forex trading accounts also vary according to another factor, namely the initial investment required. Some Forex trading accounts may require an initial investment of $ 10,000 while others may require $ 50,000. Other types of accounts may require an initial investment of $ 100,000.

In order to manage the currency trading professionally, forex trading account managers use many statistical analysis tools to enable them to achieve the best possible results and profits. Therefore, taking the above factors into account will help you choose The Monaco Treasure currency trading box that best suits your needs.

Automata Formula Review Is SCAM Or LEGIT?

Automata Formula Review Is SCAM Or LEGIT? What is Automata Formula Software All About? Read More Information About Automata Formula System APP Until Join in George Coleman members Website

Automata Formula

Automata Formula Proof

Automata Formula

Many Automata Formula traders begin trading by limiting their trades on a few pairs of currency or trade on all the tools they can be traded. Why is that?

Let’s take the first example, there remember frequently for Automata Formula Software beginners who confine their trades a small number of key pairs, such as EUR / USD and GBP / USD reasons. Some of these reasons are:

These couples more active during the European trading sessions and North American, and that may be my favorite trading hours.
Low Spreads.
These couples tend to act in a technical, and the majority of the common deliberative systems tend to be designed around their actions.
Avoid confusion and tension that may come from trying to daily trading on the many tools at the same time.
The majority of online tools based on these currency pairs.
Is this really good reasons to restrict trading only pairs EUR / USD and GBP / USD? In my view, it is not enough, and that the traders take a better way:

Most likely all couples have a higher activity and size during the European trading hours / North American anyway.
The need to pay a higher prevalence of small pairs compared to the main couples should not be an impediment to profit, when taking into consideration that the trades made on medium or long periods.

It is possible to configure an excellent trading strategy for couples that tend to behave less technical manner.
Tension can be avoided if you know what you’re looking for and manage your trades discipline.
Surprising that there is a lot of material on the Internet that offer a deliberative systems expires final word “works” with the EUR / USD and GBP / USD, and is supposed to be “good” with other couples as well. It was a proficient surgeon surgery and clutching Avabr way to being the process.

This is not a good way to manage the transition from circulation as soon as a few pairs to think about the movements during the whole currency market. It is best to do this jump more disciplined way, and so do not be like traders who start a pair euro / US dollar and get bored and start trading everything else the same way.

Let us look at some of the numbers that will show clearly why it is worthwhile to prepare for the circulation of small pairs. The following table shows the maximum percentage of the fluctuations in the value of each currency pair during the past three years, including 2013. The maximum value fluctuations are largest trading winner you can do without lifting the currency pair strength during the year.

Prepping for the circulation of small couples

The first thing that we notice from these figures is that the majority of the major currency pairs (EUR / USD, GBP / USD, US dollar / Swiss franc and the Canadian dollar / US dollar), which provided more limited opportunities. See how it presented the EUR / USD, the pair is a favorite of traders, fewer opportunities during the year 2013 than any another pair, as is the case with GBP / USD during the years 2012 and 2011.

What is also interesting is that the other big story of the two was the Japanese yen. The best opportunities offered by the long position against the yen in any other currency, even the US dollar, but the best results were with risk currencies such as the pound sterling and the euro. Even before the yen overcomes headlines currencies, we can see that during the year 2011 it was still offers Frsaovdil of anything except the Swiss franc, which was in a strong upward pattern during 2010 and 2011.

In the end, we must note how the AUD / USD gave more during each year of the euro / US dollar or pound sterling / US dollar.

Supposed that this Automata Formula System provides a lot of data for traders who believe that it is better to ignore the yen because they are asleep during Tokyo trading hours, or because they do not prefer high spreads and strong movement sometimes the yen pairs such as the GBP / JPY.

Of course, these numbers will not mean anything if it was easier trading pairs such as the euro / US dollar compared to the pair GBP / JPY. They say that while they may be the most difficult 50%, but if the returns offered by about 300% more, the additional risks are justified. One solution is to risk much lower compared to the size of each point on couples that include the Japanese yen and the use of a wider stop loss points. If you can do this and catch the beginning of a great movement, there is a great probability of opportunities can be tapped.

Worthwhile checking the claim, which says that it is difficult pairs trading the Japanese yen, although the big moves. While they tend to be more volatile and less technical behave in a way, there is no reason why the rolling of trying traded on the daily time frames or four hours using wide stops in. If these couples were difficult in terms of daily trading, do not trade them on daily bases. Continue to trade daily on the majors and try to swing trading or positioning or pattern with the yen pairs at the same time.

In short: Try to think big picture. Each of the past three years, which was characteristic of the coin in terms of performance. Swiss franc was in 2011 and the Japanese yen in 2012 and 2013, is supposed to help to get good results during the year 2014 if you do not exclude the following characteristic of currency trades, and make sure you have informed the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar. If you will stick to major currencies, which included the US dollar.

In the end, you do not trade the other couples in the same way that it couples the main Automata Formula trading. You must comply with the major pairs, and if you feel to take a long position on the euro / US dollar and a long position on the US Dollar Trading / Japanese Yen, did not play to take a long position immediately on the EUR / JPY? You do not have to observe the couples technically to find Automata Formula opportunities.