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Benefits Of Ecommerce To Consumers And Society!

Benefits of e-commerce to consumers

1 – Achievement of opportunities for self-employment and small projects for young people.

2. Fast access to information: Customers can get the necessary information in seconds or minutes through e-commerce. In return, it may take days and weeks to get a response if you request information from a concrete location.

3 – Non-closure of the Internet markets: 7 Figure Cycle E-Market is open continuously throughout the day and without any holiday.

4. Save time and effort: Customers do not need to travel or wait in line to buy a particular product, nor do they have to move this product to the house. Buying a product requires more than just clicking on the product, entering some information about the credit card, or transferring the amount from the customer’s account to the beneficiary’s account through a local bank. In addition to the credit card, there are several appropriate payment systems such as electronic money (E-Money).

5. Freedom of choice: E-commerce offers a great opportunity to visit various types of shops online, and in addition, it provides customers with full product information. And it is all done without any pressure from vendors.
6. Reducing prices: Many companies sell goods at lower prices compared to traditional stores, because online shopping offers a lot of costs spent in regular shopping, and because competition is fierce among Internet merchants, it is in the interest of customers.

7 – Get the satisfaction of the user: because the user is the one who decided his needs.

8. E-commerce allows to participate in virtual auctions.

9. E-commerce allows customers to exchange experiences and opinions about products and services through electronic communities on the Internet (such as forums).

10. Access to information technology opportunities.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle Results

What is the difference between e-commerce and traditional commerce?

We will mention the difference between e-commerce and traditional commerce, but after a simple explanation of the word that combines them (trade). Trade is the events and operations related to the purchase or sale of goods and services. These operations are divided into the following categories:

1. Marketing: 7 Figure Cycle Review is the process of reaching customers, to provide them with information about the company, brand, products or services.
2. Sales: Transactions related to the treatment of actual sales, including the transaction itself.
3. Payment: The processes related to the buyer’s fulfillment of its obligations in the procurement process.
4. Compliance of requests: processes related to the seller’s fulfillment of his obligations in the sale.
5 – Customer Service: The operations of the subsidiary after the requests are met, to solve problems and questions, and also related to pre – sales support, and public questions and so on.

We can say that e-commerce and traditional trade do not differ in elements related to the purchase or sale of goods and services, but differ in how they are implemented. We all work in traditional trade, the trade that every individual, trader, body, company or enterprise trades in our daily lives. We know that traditional trade is tired, burdensome and expensive. It costs so much, such as rent, decorations, water, electricity, cleaning, offices, papers, salaries, administrative expenses and expensive marketing expenses, which are usually local marketing, at the level of the city where the establishment is located or at the state level.

E-commerce follows a non-traditional approach to reaching customers, but the way and type of marketing in the world. They also generate huge returns, offset by a significant reduction in costs compared to traditional trade. E-commerce is done through a market to connect customers to merchants. The Internet marketplaces, and through e-commerce, companies can better manage their purchases, supply, sales, E-commerce can also provide daily customer information, which undoubtedly reduces the cost of business transactions, because it eliminates the role of intermediaries between the seller and the buyer. Payment is often made in electronic commerce through electronic credit cards, bank transfer and electronic checks.

What is the difference between e-commerce and e-business?

We will clarify the difference between the e-commerce and e-business, God willing, with a definition of each of them as follows:

I. E-Business:

Is the adaptation of technology in the service of business, and contribute to the promotion of business using different technologies. These include the Office’s executive applications for corporate policy, corporate business applications, document archiving, booking systems, and any internal tasks not covered by the public such as accounts, service, storage, and management. 7 Figure Cycle is all about converting paperwork into electronic, administrative, financial and service work. E-commerce, E-Banking, E-Insurance Company, and government services, which are currently developing their concept towards e-commerce, A more comprehensive concept is the e-government, and any facility that may establish an online network to manage its business and employee performance.

Second: E-Commerce:

It is a commercial activity that deals with the buyer’s relationship with the buyer, ie the execution of sales and purchases over the Internet, whether such sales are goods or products such as buying books, CDs, cars or other services such as purchasing space on the Internet through hosting sites. As we have said, all these trading transactions are carried out using electronic or technical means.

After mentioning the definition of e-business and e-commerce, the difference between them has been revealed to us, and it is not as many believed that the term E-Commerce is an echo of the term e-business. It is part of e-business and not vice versa.

Is Bitcoin Code A SCAM Or LEGIT? Bitcoin Code Example 2018

Is Bitcoin Code A SCAM Or LEGIT? Bitcoin Code Example 2018! How Does Bitcoin Code Works? Is SCAM Or NOT? Take a Look To The Bitcoin Code Reviews Before Buy Bitcoin Code Software

Bitcoin Code

The currency of the Bitcoin Code gains in its dealings, Friday, to jump to the highest level at all, despite criticism by the government, and by this morning, the currency of Bitcoin Code to the level of 5386 dollars for the first time ever, an increase of 11.3%.

The market value of the virtual currency Bitcoin Code rose to 89.5 billion dollars, and the currency of “Bitcoin Cash” by 1.7% to 319.5 dollars, while the currency Ether by about 1% to 303.98 dollars.

Electronic currencies posted significant gains during the third quarter of this year, with total market capitalization rising by 44% to $ 147 billion, despite the war waged by governments of some countries last month.

Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code Profits

What is Bitcoin Code

The currency is used in transactions on the Internet and is not controlled by any central authority. It relies on thousands of computers around the world that validate transactions and add more of their currency to the Bitcoin Code system, encrypted by an anonymous person known as ” Satoshi Nakamoto “, and fairly similar to the known currencies of the dollar, the euro, and other currencies, but they differ in that they are hypothetical, ie their transactions on the Internet have no physical presence, and encrypted, ie can not track the buying and selling operations done or even the knowledge of the owner Currencies, but why the Bitcoin Code ?, everything has pros And cons, and the pros of this currency summed up in three things:

– Low fees and speed
Instead of the need for an intermediary between you and the merchant to transfer money, and this mediator deducts a percentage of money, with the existence of the currency of the house, this process does not exist, because the currency did not move, but the currency code is what came out of your portfolio and entered the merchant’s wallet, And between the trader without a broker and called P2P or peer to peer.

– Confidentiality
Buying and selling can not be monitored or interfered with. This is a positive point for those who like privacy as it reduces the control of the government and banks on the currency.

– Global
It is not linked to a specific geographical location, it can be treated as your local currency, and the most important thing in this currency is that it has no officer or link if that is true; this eliminates the control of central banks on the printing of money that causes inflation and high prices, and why this currency is protected from Inflation is their limited number. Satoshi Nakamoto has set up a plan to produce 21 million currency by 2140, and its limited number has given it a great value in the market after it was worth only six cents, it rose to more than $ 1,000 and then fell to about $ 600, then went back up to $ 5,400 today; and the reason for the changes Big surprise is that it is not stable yet.

People get The Bitcoin Code in several ways, but the main method is the mining process. The process of extracting gold is similar to mining in mines either individually or in groups. In the process of mining the bitquin, the drilling tools are replaced by computers. The gold mine is replaced by a program to solve complex equations that carry the currency codes. Those who find the currency code become the currency of its currency. There are many people around the world who become obsessed with this currency and reserve full servers operating throughout the day to solve equations and extract the uncle Although this currency is hypothetical, some companies such as Titan House Coin are working to get this currency into reality in the form of coins with the same value and an 8-digit ID card, but this is losing its most important features: confidentiality, speed, low fees .

Bitcoin Code SCAM

Some consider the confidentiality of the currency and encryption is negative, this feature reflected some of the disadvantages in that it gives some easy to suspicious operations on the Internet, especially in the deep network and the best example is the site, “Silk Road,” which was dealing with drugs, but must bear in mind that this site was at the beginning The currency and closing it did not pose a significant risk to the currency but remains a problem.

There are doubts about the mining process. No one knows what equations the machine is solving. Some have questioned the existence of an organization that works in hiding to solve equations that may need hundreds of years in a short time from the way the equations are separated on servers. Is the character of “Satoshi Nakamoto” unknown, no one knows whether a man or a woman, or a group of people, and do not know how much of this character of the currency if a country hiding behind this figure and owns the largest share of it will cause the change of power centers on the map.

It should also be noted that not all economists and experts stand in the ranks of this currency, some have fears that it is just a bubble and will explode and economic crises with it.

In light of the economic inflation in the world due to the excessive printing of paper money, it has made the economic collapse a matter of time no more so this currency may be next to gold are the last resort to survive; so some Arab economists are advised to pay attention to this problem and processing it, Be in this currency, there is gold.

How To Buy Bitcoin online

There are 10 facts to buy digital currencies, according to experts, which is that there are more than 300 ways to buy the most important credit cards, prepayment, bank transfer, “PayPal” and “MoneyGram” and “Google Play” and any other payment method.

Purchases must be made in worldwide currencies that can be accepted worldwide such as US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and so on. Purchase does not require payment of currency conversion commissions such as conversion from Dollar to Bitcoin Code and so on.

Purchases are made through platforms or websites. There are specialized sites for buying virtual currencies through specific currencies. For example, some sites accept currencies other than the US Dollar and some other international currencies.

Also, all the sites where the purchase of Bitcoin Code can be sold, and the price is determined according to supply and demand. As demand increases and people turn more dollars into this digital currency, their value increases.

The total size of the combined digital currency market exceeded more than $ 100 billion for the first time in the history of digital currencies, and the percentage of Bitcoin Code of this market about 45%, a low for previous years, indicating the rise of new currencies.

By registering at the buy and open positions, the investor finds offers from the digital currency campaign and can choose the price he wants within those offers. The average price of the currency offered for sale varies from one platform to another. Therefore, prices must be compared in more than one location before buying to choose the lowest price and vice versa. When selling.

Virtual currencies can be purchased from local merchants or from outside the country as desired by the investor and according to the offers of sale. After purchase, the purchased currencies will be stored in the Block Qin portfolio, and the comparison should be made in order to know the account protection system and the applicable rules and regulations as well as the commissions required.

Some virtual currency platforms impose a ban on dealing with certain nationalities for security purposes that comply with international banks and financial institutions.

Expert opinion
The views of a number of economists varied from the phenomenon of the currency of Bitcoin Code, which has recently witnessed and is still a big controversy because of the large spread over the past years and the fluctuation of the exchange rate compared to cash and in kind corresponding to them, has been in recent periods speculative operations and piracy targeted shopping sites And electronic wallets for this currency.

Experts pointed out that there is a lack of information at the level of the Arab region in relation to the currency of Bitcoin Code Example, while warned the Central Bank of Jordan and Lebanon that the virtual currency is not a legal currency and there is no obligation to any central bank in the world or any government to exchange value for money issued The Central Bank of Jordan issued a circular to all the banks operating in the Kingdom, exchange companies, financial companies and payment services companies to ban dealing in virtual currencies, especially in the form of the consumer. However, the economic expert and founder of the Bitcoin Code Website Steve Mckay, explains that the reason for some governments to fight them which are not subject to the restrictions imposed by the authorities on the transfer of funds, pointing out that the global market for digital currency volume reached $ 8.5 billion.

The newspaper “The Wall Street Journal,” the United States, that the currency of virtual Bitcoin Code may see a sudden collapse that has implications for investors in the technology and financial sectors, The newspaper pointed out that the large investors dealing in the currency of Bitcoin Code, and Goldman Sachs himself intends “We need to start dealing with the currency,” explains US financial analyst.

He adds that financial companies that bet on the virtual currency in their business, who invested significant potential in the Bitcoin Code Login, may become the first to suffer those collateral damage, he says.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has warned against currency trading. Bitcoin Code Explained Capital, the head of financial research at Al-Rajhi Capital Saudi Arabia, said that electronic currencies, although they can be tracked and monitored by countries that recognize them, Toys and withdrawing hard currency, or withdrawing the dollar, from central banks.

He pointed to the quality of financial control standards in Saudi Arabia, stressing that the Fitch Financial Rating Agency puts Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency in fifth place in the world in terms of “strict financial control standards.” This is the best explanation that explains the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Trading in financial instruments that are not “clear in terms of their trading and value”.

The head of information technology at First Mobile Satellite and co-founder of, Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code, explained that Bitcoin Code is a protocol network such as e-mail, not a company that has a physical representation, and while e-mail is used to transmit information, ” Bitcoin Code is a digital symbol, which some merchants accept to sell their products and services,” Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code said.

“Bitcoin Code Software is a commodity, determined by design, there will be no more than 21 million homes, and Bitcoin Code has a market value of around $ 6 billion,” Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code said.

While Dubai is known to be at the forefront of technology and innovation in the region, it is also a great regional center for the currency of Bitcoin Code Trading, and digital payment through e-government, especially as the cradle of people doing business. “We feel demand will grow to Beyond that in the next few months, “noting that” there are many meetings with more than one hundred members who have shown their enthusiasm for this technology. ”

Bitcoin Code Example

In this Bitcoin Code Example context, the sale and purchase of the currency of Bitcoin Code APP, using the stalls “Mango Go” or the so-called ATM machine “Bitcoin Code

Currently, there is only one ATM machine in Dubai Media City for testing purposes only, checking the demand for this type of service, technical stability of virtual currency solutions, and obtaining all required permissions from legal authorities.

While there is no regulatory or legal framework for the currency of Bitcoin Code, Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code pointed out that contacts are under way in the EDB to share the knowledge of Umbrella and the benefits of this technology. And 40 years old, usually involved in technology innovation or entrepreneurship.

In response to some of the misconceptions associated with BitcoinCode, such as ease of money laundering or drug use, he explained that “Bitcoin Code provides the required transparency to the government and regulatory authorities. It gives the tracker the way the user gets The Bitcoin Code and how they spend these currencies, The best way to assist in the investigation of criminal activity. ”

According to Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code, the technology is a new technology, which means there is not enough infrastructure around it. Although there are no limits to Bitcoin Code financial payment, Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code pointed out that the ATM machine in Dubai, To limit the amount of thousands of dirhams per day, and ten thousand dirhams a month, to prevent money laundering, stressing that “these limits are temporary and will be revised according to the legal framework after the launch.”

“The virtual currency is based on the most reliable exchange platforms in the world,” Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code said. “But how can you protect your Bitcoin Code from piracy? Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code replied that Mango Goo booths are based on many high-level security standards to protect customers, and customers are notified with short messages on their personal phone.

Bitcoin Code

The Most Effective Marketing Strategies!

The marketing function also seeks to motivate individuals in a society to purchase diverse products. [1] Marketing is also defined as a set of private activities in companies associated with the sales and purchase of products and services, and includes marketing on advertising the goods and then offering them to people for the purpose of selling them; Therefore, workers in this field are keen to attract the attention of the public through the use of all means and methods of advertising. [2]

Of other tariffs for marketing is an interactive process based on the pricing of goods and services; in order to promote them, and to achieve trade between traders and consumers, which contributes to the consumer’s desire to meet his needs and needs. [3]

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle Results

Successful marketing methods

There are a number of successful marketing methods in the business environment of companies and institutions, the most important of which are: [4]

Promotional competitions: One of the most widely used marketing methods, the idea of ​​which is to support the company’s own brand or product by advertising a competition for the target audience. These competitions are linked to the promotion of purchase of products by the buyers in return for certain awards, and thus attracted their attention to the company and marketing them.

Social media: A group of websites within the Internet, which is a direct means of marketing and associated with potential customers, by working to communicate information about the company and Seven Figure Cycle products within the social network and its means.

E-marketing is one of the most modern ways of marketing, and is often based on customers who have bought from the company for the first time; personal information about them is obtained, and then new products are marketed to them. Cellular.

Marketing samples are free samples of certain products that are offered to potential customers to encourage them to buy basic products. Companies that work in the food and household industries usually rely on this method of marketing because they help attract a lot of people to buy their products.

Points of sale: Methods and strategies of marketing and sale of products, and depends on the promotion of goods in the stores through the distribution of shops and grocery stores, which contributes to reach the target audience of customers the best and fastest possible means.

Customer Incentives: An incentive marketing method designed to motivate existing customers to participate in marketing; by attracting new customers in exchange for rewards and reductions.

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is one of the important processes that support the marketing plan when designing and then applying it. The analysis depends on the following stages: [5]

Market segments: The first phase in marketing analysis, which aims to identify the means to help achieve profits, which leads companies to work to identify the needs of the market, and associated with individuals (consumers and buyers) who worked to develop a variety of values ​​around sectors in the market, This is the automotive sector. Those interested in valuing this sector are keen to study a range of factors or characteristics, most notably safety, car speed, market value, and other factors. Manufacturers or importers of automobiles should recognize the diverse needs of people. N this sector.

Market outlets: It helps to divide the market into small groups, helps to identify where the target audiences are located, serves and supports investment needs, and identifies appropriate steps to start investing, often based on access to large outlets in the market; Which contains the largest groups of customers, which contributes to the provision of specialized services and products in the needs of those outlets.

Marketing to the public is the way that helps to study and analyze the increase in the number of private companies in a single category of customers; that is, offering products and services that are similar to each other, leading to competition among them. By offering them special offers, such as telecom companies that have customer databases, and seek to customize their own communications offerings.

Marketing strategies

The success of marketing within a commercial market environment depends on a set of strategies: [6]

Special workshops in services and products: One of the tools that helps to identify the marketing team within the company on the nature of the work, and can be held workshops in the main building of the company, or the use of a local educational institutions. One of the benefits of these workshops is to help target audiences to participate.

Co-operative Marketing: It is a session of definition sessions in the business environment, involving more than one company or a business organization that contributes to the definition of local business establishments, and a detailed explanation of the nature of all companies, which contributes to building a range of opportunities for cooperation and partnership.

Marketing based on charity events: Some of the strategies that some companies work to implement by supporting charitable activities and events contribute to a better definition of the press and the public and lead to new clients.

Building a Blog: A new marketing strategy that helps attract a lot of people interested in learning about the services or products offered through the blog. Blogging on product and service related topics is an easy strategy to help connect with customers.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing seeks to achieve many goals, including: [7]

Applying marketing activities that include building public relations, promoting sales, product distribution and others.

Support communication with consumers and build value for them.

Promote participation and cooperation between successful companies in society.

Spend money on advertising, and provide products that contribute to the needs of individuals.