How To Increase Your Confidence With The Eastern Keys

Studies from Harvard show that self-confidence is partially the development of hormones in the body, in individuals who have a high testosterone (male hormone) have an excess capacity, vitality and leadership spirit, people who have high cortisol (anxiety hormone) have low energy and a weak personality.

The last study studied the language of the body at 42 university students. They were divided into two groups: the high energy group, which is the language of a liberal body and the low energy group, which is a closed body language (attached to the image). For example, erection when standing, speaking loud and clear and sitting in the center High energy is either back curvature and deflation when standing, speaking low and indistinctly is low energy. When testing the hormones, the high energy group showed that testosterone was 20% higher and cortisol was 25% lower! Reality Bending Secrets applies to men and women.
How can these studies be applied to everyday life! It is possible to practice reprogramming the body language to increase self-confidence, even if it is erecting correctly every day for only two minutes when giving a speech or before a job interview or when making a business deal. Reprogramming incorrect habits are skills gained but need exercise.

Other things can increase confidence such as sport and healthy nutrition as it helps to raise confidence, as the sport is used from the Middle Ages to address anxiety and frustration and help to revitalize the body and strengthen the immune system.

Psychologically, it is important to define a specific goal in life and to plan small steps that can be implemented to reach the goal. It is important that these small steps are feasible and do not cause fatigue or despair. The implementation of these small steps will increase self-confidence gradually. Are frustrated at this point by not setting goals or taking steps that are too much of their energy and thus frustrating self-confidence.

Failure is the greatest enemy of self-confidence, not being affected by failure is the secret of every successful. Remember that the most successful people in the world fail more than they succeed but we only hear about their successes, accepting failure as a natural thing that can increase self-confidence and contribute to the professional future.

The Eastern Keys

The Eastern Keys

How to motivate yourself to finish your business

Your body can produce more than you imagine, you only need what motivates you or breaks your boredom, and all that is required of you is to have the will to benefit from the following this Easternkeys tips.

1. Do something else

If you feel tired and tired of working, you can do another activity, if the quality of your work allows it. Renewing activity will please your mind and renew your desire to work.

2. Select your tasks in the list

When you find yourself trapped in work tasks and unable to meet them, put these tasks in a list and you will find them much easier.

3 – I hope to end the work

In the final hours of work you find yourself inclined to delay and waste time. This delay will then make you feel frustrated and guilty, so do your best and instead you will feel proud and happy.

4. Getting Started The best way to do it

We know that we always have a hard time doing the job you do when you do not want to, but there’s one fact: you can start working or get a look until you find yourself drowning in it. So when you wait for work you never do just that.

5. Make every effort to work

Making the effort at work and in the tasks required of you no matter how small will make you proud of yourself, even if someone did not see this effort. This pride will renew your desire to work.

6. Reward yourself

When you do not find any incentive to work, use a bribe, which is a reward for yourself if you are doing your job. Manifestation Masterkey system will make you willing to work.

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